7 The benefits of Fifteen fruit in strengthening immunity !

it joins the list of famous fruits in autumn and winter, and can grow in tropical places in a slightly different form than in cold places in terms of appearance, smooth bark and less acidic flavor,but it’s still something like apple pear, golden yellow when cooked, weighing between 250-750 g.

It is a source of many important nutrients and strong antioxidants and has many benefits for the body, and the fruits of quince are one of the oldest fruits that have been grown throughout history, since it was cultivated bc years, and the fruits of quince were with Roman customs and traditions, the taste of quince is known as a combination of sweetness with acidity and some bitterness ,which makes participation low and because it contains no water in large numbers, and it closely resembles pears.

Benefits of quince fruitThe benefit of quince for the digestive system and obesityIn general, quince is considered an astringent and antiseptic of the intestines, and contributes to the treatment of peptic ulcers and intestinal contacts, and in the treatment of diarrhea, intestinal infections and constipation, since quince is considered diuretic and therefore helps in the cleansing of the body of toxins.

Thanks to the dietary fiber contained in the quince: it increases your feeling of satiety, thus reducing the amount of meals consumed, which can play a role in weight loss (in the image: antioxidants and their diet) that counteract free radicals and protect cells from damage such as vitamin C and vitamin A, and polyphenols , especially caffeoylquinic acid, prussianidine-b2 procyanidin-B2.

In addition to tannins, which particularly characterize quince, and include important compounds such as Catequin a Kachin, Epicatechin, quince intake contributes to reduce the risk of cancer.

The benefit of quinceisis diet quincey is a low calorie fruit but contains a high percentage of dietary fiber we find that 100 grams of raw quince fruit contains only 57 calories and is also a fruit low in fatsaturas, sodium and cholesterol all the qualities that make it at the forefront of the fruit used in weight reduction.

Quinceisa is considered one of the best fruits that work to maintain body weight and improve digestion, as it contains a high percentage of fiber in the body providing energy, since it has a bitter ratio that helps in burning fat.

Fifteentreats stomach ulcersQuinceyl contains phenol, an effective substance for relieving stomach ulcers, we find that quince juice is very useful for people with stomach ulcers as it aids in the treatment of peptic ulcers and improves the performance of the digestive system in general.

Fifteen has anti-cancer properties The antioxidant properties found in quince fruit help the body resist free radicals and destroy cells.

malignant cancers where the heart of the quince contains the compounds of the retention drug known as tannin (kachin and ypicachin) and this compound works to protect the body’s mucous membranes from cancer by linking carcinogenic toxins and chemicals in the colon.

Traveling relieves stress Antioxidants in the quince help the body relieve stress and maintain calm and sedation of the mind.

Treats the liver and reduces eye diseases Regular use of siphon is useful for those suffering from diseasesLiver and eyepieces in China and boiling quince seeds are used to make eye cream, which is used to soothe eye problems.

sore throat and inflammation of the mucous membranes.

Benefits of quince fruit for women Quince benefits for skinkinkin, which contains a high percentage of antioxidants and vitamins that purify the skin, as well as reduces the damage caused by free radicals and thus prevent wrinkles and protect the skin from UV rays and improve appearance.

The benefits of hair sweding : Quince nourishes the roots of the hair, gives it vitality, helps eliminate dandruff, eliminates its causes and helps reduce hair loss as its density increases.

The benefit of quince for women Is an important element of ovulation and rapid fertilization, because it contains a set of vitamins important for the insemination process such as vitamin E.

An ary diet and an essential nutrient in the pregnancy of the mother and fetus, due to the presence of iron metal at a high rate, there are some studies done in women who take suinguing during pregnancy.